How do federal Circuit Judges manage their staffs?

For a short but utterly fascinating article that describes the different models used by federal Circuit Judges to manage their staffs, see G. Mitu Gulati and Richard A. Posner*, The Management of Staff by Federal Court of Appeals Judges, U of Chicago, Public Law Working Paper No. 531 (April 5, 2015) (the entire article is free by download). The abstract describes the thrust of the article this way:

Federal court of appeals judges have staffs consisting usually of a secretary and four law clerks; some judges have interns or externs or both (law students working part time). These staffs are essential, given judicial workloads and judges’ limitations. Yet not much is known about how the judges manage their staffs. Each judge knows of course, but judges rarely exchange information about staff management. Nor is there, to our knowledge, a literature that explains and evaluates the varieties of staff management by federal court of appeals judges. This article aims to fill that gap. It is based on interviews, some in person, most by telephone, of more than 70 judges, chosen mainly at random and covering almost all of the thirteen federal courts of appeals.

It would great to hear from former law clerks who served a Court of Appeals judge. Please feel free to comment anonymously. Of course, the thoughts of others are welcome too.


*Judge Posner is a national treasure even if he only likes his family and his cat.

H/T: How Appealing.

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