First report from down under

lake-hume-36452After two overnight but unplanned stays in Dallas and Sydney, finally made it to Lake Hume in NSW Australia. Remote. No cell connection. Internet connection spotty via Verizon.

Great place for the kids. Lot to do including petting Ostriches that walk the through the resort and into the wid. Cabins are fine, if a bit rustic.

New grand children–Zora and Indy– fill us with joy as we hold them for the first time. The family from Australia and the family from China are fun to watch. Marne and Pat in ABQ, NM cannot be here. Sigh. As grandparents, you take what you can get.

Odd thing: We have begun to like our children. They are funny, self-deprecating and well versed. I also remind myself that cheap wine gives false impressions.

That’s all now.

Oh, don’t forget: Some things are more important that others



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