Another “dirty old man” post?

For a question about sexism and the law and what judges should or should not do about male lawyers who refuse to wear socks to court, please read Joe Patrice, Judge To Attorney: Put On Some Damn Socks!, Above the Law, (September 3, 2014). Incidentally, I never get tired of reading about what others thought about my earlier fox paw entitled On being a dirty old man and how young women lawyers dress. Thanks to Mr. Patrice for obliging.*

After reading Patrice’s post about judicial foot fetishes and the judge who chastised a lawyer for revealing his near naked feet in the courtroom, a question occurred to me. Is there such a thing as jock shaming?


*After the obligatory “not that [Kopf’s earlier post] should be tolerated,” Patrice states: “implicit in Judge Kopf’s post is the fact that he doesn’t make hard and fast rules in his courtroom and he leaves it to the lawyers to figure out the right balance.” Except for Birkenstocks, that’s true, Joe.



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