Judicial misconduct complaints

Thanks to How Appealing (at 7:48 p.m.), I commend to your attention Gripes About Federal Bench: Banal to Bizarre, Peek into 11th Circuit misconduct file shows many complaints, no discipline. I ask you to read the article, and tell me what you think.

Here are my initial thoughts:

1.  The fact of “no discipline” from 2006 to the present does not surprise me in the least. With very few exceptions, judicial misconduct complaints are facially frivolous (the judge is controlled “by the devil,” the judge must have taken a bribe, the judge ignored the fact that “I am a sovereign citizen”) or is a gussyed up misconduct complaint which is in reality an effort to relitigate a case that the complaining party lost.* The recent cases of Judge Cebull or Judge Martin are very much the exception.**

2.   The Courts of Appeals should post all final orders on their web sites so it is easy for the press and the public to see them.

But, as I indicated, I am interested in your opinions. I am particularly interested in hearing from federal practitioners. What say you?


*The Administrative Office of the United States Courts has helpfully posted the rules for each Court of Appeals and related information entitled JUDICIAL CONDUCT & DISABILITY ACT: RESOURCES.

**For more on the sad but pending case of Judge Fuller (the hyperlink is to my earlier blog post), see here and here. Again, a hat tip to How Appealing (at 5:02 p.m.).

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