I bet Judge Jones has an ugly truck

Yesterday, I posted about the ethics complaint filed against Judge Edith Jones for a speech she gave at a law school regarding the death penalty.  Her talk seemed dissonant to a few tender-eared lawyers and law students.  They apparently went to the gathering on the mistaken belief that the judge was there to direct a sing-along of the more mellifluous “Kumbaya.”   That got me thinkin.

Since the judge is from Texas (and we all know precisely what that means), I bet she has an ugly truck.  As of now, however, she has not submitted a photo for consideration in my ugly truck contest.   To be perfectly clear, it’s not an excuse that she’s busy defending herself for being frank.

Like other federal judges and law clerks, Judge Jones has a few days yet to submit her truck for consideration.  Everyone should remember that I give extra points if the truck has a gun rack.  (I hope that reminder does not seem redundant.)


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