Swisher Sweets

Please read SHG’s post this morning entitled The Smearing of Michael Brown. I have two thoughts:

1. The video of Brown stealing Swisher Sweets and shoving the store clerk is highly relevant to the shooting of Brown. It provides a plausible explanation for his struggle with the cop. While the cop knew nothing of the incident, Brown was aware of it. Here is the argument of defense counsel for the cop: Brown thought the cop was after him for the theft and pushing the store clerk and he didn’t want to get caught, so he resisted the cop.

2. I have previously used the acronym stfu. It applies perfectly here. A young black man has been killed by a police officer and riots have ensued. The proper handling of any investigation of this type requires that it be overseen by experienced prosecutors who would control the release of information. Whether intentional or not, the release by the local police of the video of Brown at the convenience store looks like, and may well be, an effort to slime the kid. The information didn’t need to be released now. After all, the poor boy was not even buried when his memory was sullied–simple kindness required restraint.


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