A teaser: Why would the District of Nebraska reject the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct or the Code adopted by the Nebraska Supreme Court?

Today, I have a question.  Tomorrow, I will provide my answer.

Our local rules state the following:

(b) Ethical Standards. The standards of conduct governing the members of this court’s bar follow.
(1) Rules. Attorneys must comply with this court’s rules.
(2) Conduct. Attorneys must refrain from conduct unbecoming of a member of the bar.
(A) The court declines to adopt other codes of professional responsibility or ethics.
(B) However, and in addition to any other material, the court may consult other codes of professional responsibility or ethics to determine whether a lawyer has engaged in conduct
unbecoming of a member of the bar.

NeGenR 1.7(b) (emphasis added).

Why do you think our court adopted the foregoing rule, particularly the emphasized portion?


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