Scott Greenfield is not into self-promotion.  That is not him. Moreover, he doesn’t need it. But, I noticed something very interesting on Simple Justice recently. Off to the right side under the heading “A MOMENT OF SJ” is a link to a series of videos featuring SHG on a variety of subjects. They were produced by Lee Pacchia at Mimesis Law.

Although Scott has never mentioned these interesting oral essays on his blog, I urge you to take a look at them.They are extremely well done. More importantly, and to use a phrase SHG likes, “they make us less dumb.” Indeed, each of the 12 essays are thought provoking. Number 12, dealing with law schools, the excessive number of law students, and the health of the legal profession is my favorite. Scott uses the word “toilet” and I like that!

I have only one complaint. At times, SHG appears in a tweed (I think) sport coat (e.g., video 5). That deceives my old eyes into thinking that Scott is wearing fabric infused with atomic number 10 neon.


A famous, some would say infamous, Plaintiff’s trial lawyer speaks about Karl Rove, “buying” judges, and the plight of lawyers who represent injured people

When Lee Pacchia from Mimesis wrote to let me know that he had interviewed the highly controversial and very successful Plaintiff’s trial lawyer Fred Levin, and that the interview was available on You Tube, I hit play and was fascinated. I thought of Vince Powers, who is a fine Plaintiff’s trial lawyer here in Lincoln. Vince has spoken eloquently about many of the things that Mr. Levin talks about in his interview. In short, I thought that readers of this blog would be interested in Mr. Levin’s point of view.

So, with the caveat that you should judge for yourself, here is the interview:



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