A parable

There once was an old man and an old woman. They lived in the midwest. They were conservative types, but not crazy. They weren’t particularly religious. They were white. Outside of work, they knew few black people. They had grown up believing the motto that the police were there “to protect and serve.”

One evening, they sat down in front of the TV to watch the news and eat their evening meal. On the TV, a news reporter spoke of a black man in Baltimore who died in police custody. His spine was nearly cut in two. The cops who made the arrest were all white.

The old woman turned to the old man, and asked: “What’s wrong with the police in this country?” The old man said he had no idea. He added, “If folks like us have lost confidence in the police, can you imagine what colored people (he slipped back in time and used a term common to his youth) must think?” The old woman nodded. After that, they were silent for the longest time.


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