When the acronym that shall not be spoken applies to federal district judges

Most of the time, federal district judges should not write stuff that is unnecessary. First, as a general rule, nobody cares much what we write. Second, most of what we write is not worth caring about. Third, when we write stuff that is unnecessary we begin to look as if we are trying to influence something beyond the case at hand–and that is manifestly not our job. With that perfectly unnecessary introduction, I urge you to read the erudite piece by the venerable Lyle Denniston, entitled “Constitution Check: Is Obama’s new immigration policy constitutional, or not?


A tip of my special baseball cap to Howard Bashman and How Appealing.

Nebraska and Lyle Denniston

When you live in “fly over” country, you are constantly looking for local folks who make good. Lyle Denniston is, of course, the dean of reporters who cover the Supreme Court.  He has been doing that for 56 years. Several days ago, the Burton Awards program, run in association with the Library of Congress, announced that Mr. Denniston is the winner of the first “Outstanding Journalist in Law Award.” Here.

Denniston is a graduate cum laude of the University of NebraskaHe has been a journalist for sixty-six years, beginning that career with the Nebraska City News-Press in Nebraska City, Nebraska, in the fall of 1948.


PS Many thanks to Elaine Mittleman for the tip.







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