“Abe and Fido”


Two of may favorites subjects are President Lincoln and dogs. In that regard, please read Terri Schlichenmeyer, Lincoln’s love for animals detailed in ‘Abe & Fido’, Evansville Courier&Press (June 13, 2015) (book review of Matthew Algeo‘s new book “Abe & Fido”).

This is how Amazon introduces the book:

In early 1861, as he prepared to leave his home in Springfield, Illinois, to move into the White House, Abraham Lincoln faced many momentous tasks, but none he dreaded more than telling his two youngest sons, Willie and Tad, that the family’s beloved pet dog, Fido, would not be accompanying them to Washington. Lincoln, who had adopted Fido about five years earlier, was afraid the skittish dog wouldn’t survive the long rail journey, so he decided to leave the mutt behind with friends in Springfield. Abe & Fido tells the story of two friends, an unlikely tandem who each became famous and died prematurely.

My Kindle will soon be buzzing to alert me that I am the proud new owner of Abe & Fido.


PS Thanks to Elaine Mittleman for the wonderful suggestion.

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