Toothache and the Nebraska girlie-man

meth_mouth_2-aIt is about 2:00 AM Friday morning. I have been popping pain pills like the addict I could easily become. This is because I have “meth mouth” and every couple of minutes Zeus fires a bolt from the blue into what remains of my real teeth.Zeus

My dentist, a slight woman who moonlights racing big horses around barrels at old West rodeos, got me into to see her yesterday afternoon. She said I must get rid of the right lower molar and the tooth adjacent to it. She recommended that I see an oral surgeon. So, in about six hours, the surgeon will yank the two horribly decayed teeth while I behave as a girlie-man.

Too bad I don’t have to sentence anyone today. Putting addicts in prison for long stretches is always a good antidote to whatever ails me. So, I will probably have to default to a Percocet binge with more than a little gin to get ’em down.

Toothless in Nebraska (RGK)



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