Lincoln, MRAP and Peter Pan–It’s a jungle out there

As I have said before, I see connections that most people don’t see. That is particularly true when the Haldol begins to wear off.

Lincoln is a college town. If you care about such things, I have just insulted you. Lincoln is a University town, and a Big Ten one at that. And that brings me to the ACLU of Nebraska, Lincoln, Peter Pan and the jungle out there.

Headed up by Amy Miller, a lawyer that I like more than most, the ACLU of Nebraska is concerned about MRAPs. In today’s paper (The Lincoln Journal Star, frequently referred to as the Lincoln Urinal) is an article about our town’s MRAP and the danger Amy and ACLU Nebraska think that it poses to flower loving people everywhere.

If you don’t know about MRAPs, here’s a photo of Lincoln’s pride and joy:


Photo credit:

Photo credit:

In my opinion, Amy and the ACLU of Nebraska seriously underestimate the need for Lincoln to have its very own MRAP. After all, another article in the paper today carried this terrifying headline, Police scramble to Peter Pan Park.

I could be wrong now. But I don’t think so.

It’s a jungle out there.




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