Baseball, beer and boys

I love baseball. Nebraska’s recent sweep of the 12th ranked Texas Longhorns was glorious. Reminds me of a little case I had some fun with several years ago.

I was asked to restrain a high school from prohibiting a student from playing baseball. The kid was said to be a phenom. But he had twice violated the school’s prohibition against consuming beer. In the opinion, I quoted Thayer’s Casey at the Bat in its entirety, and decided a temporary restraining order was not warranted. As Thayer put it, the Mighty Casey had “struck out.”

I concluded, “[e]xcept in the most compelling cases, public schools should be run by those assigned by elected officials to run them, and not by geezers wearing black robes. While I know a fair amount about baseball and beer, I know virtually nothing about educating and disciplining high school students who drink beer and play baseball.”*

Spring is upon us. I can hear the twang of the those damn aluminium bats. Pass me a cold one!


*I was also able to footnote to my beloved Toledo Mud Hens.



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