Once more into the fray, but gently

I wrote a post about young female lawyers and how some of them dress in court. That generated a firestorm because the post was far too provocative. Timidly, I return to that topic, but gently and briefly.

I receive a fair number of e-mails about this blog. Some of the best are from federal law clerks. One of them sent me a tip over the weekend about the New York Times  magazine column written by Chuck Klosterman, THE ETHICIST.

The full article is here (scroll down to “IF IT PLEASES THE COURT . . .”)  It is nicely summarized here by the Wisconsin State Public Defender. I was particularly taken by ethicist’s use of the words”mild subjugation” to give context to the question of dress. In the manner he uses them, do those words strike you as misogynist? Not me.


PS Thanks David!

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