“Pleasing the Court With Intrigue”

I reviewed David Lat’s first novel Supreme Ambitions. I gave it glowing praise. I was interested, however, in what a real reviewer would write. Now, I have my answer.

Alexandra Alter has written a review for the New York Times of Lat’s novel. (“[F]or an elite niche — consisting largely of federal judges and their clerks — ‘Supreme Ambitions’ has become the most buzzed-about novel of the year.”)  The review is well worth reading, particularly because Ms. Alter is a journalist with chops and a fascinating personal background to boot.

She was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and grew up in Dhahran. She earned a college degree and master’s degrees in journalism and religion from Columbia University. She worked at The Miami Herald, covering local and national religion news. Before coming to the Times this summer, she wrote for The Wall Street Journal for the past five years. She focused on features and analytical pieces in the paper’s Friday arts and culture section. She profiled authors from Stephen King to Don DeLillo.

It seems that brother Lat has hit the big time. That makes me happy for David, and for young lawyers who are also aspiring writers.


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