All Things Considered, Shon Hopwood and me

This week, Shon Hopwood and I participated in a joint interview with Melissa Block of NPR. Ms. Block was in Washington, Shon was in Seattle and I was in Lincoln. That exchange will air today (Thursday, September 5, 2013, 4:35 PM Eastern Time) on All Things Considered.

For what it is worth, I enjoyed the exchange. I had not talked with Hopwood since I sentenced him in 1999 to 147 months in prison. I found him mature, introspective, smart, engaging, intellectually honest, and well-spoken. Ms. Block impressed me as well. Her credentials are superb, but even they fail to adequately convey her terrific interviewing skills. She drew us out like a great lawyer taking discovery depositions of fact witnesses.

If I won’t give interviews to for-profit media, why did I consent to this one? NPR is, of course, a not-for-profit entity. More importantly, NPR has an educational mission. Since I hope this blog educates (at least some of the time), and since Shon’s story is certainly educational, I concluded that doing the interview was the right thing to do.  I guess we shall see.


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