Like a figurative punch in the gut, an act of kindness can take your breath away too

It is Sunday. And, although I am not a religious person, I want to write on a “Sunday” subject, hate and kindness.

This week, two people, after reading my posts on the courtroom attire of women, wrote me to express the hope that I would die soon of my cancer. Like a punch to the gut, that palpable hatred took my breath away.

At about the same time as the foregoing, a Mass was offered for me in the hopes that I would overcome my cancer. The Mass was initiated by another reader. Those prayers took my breath away too. In fact, the kindness expressed by the reader brought tears to my eyes as I read the small card from his church unobtrusively announcing the offering.

That gentle reader knows who he is, but I want to tell him of the warm comfort his totally unexpected act of kindness brought to me. Thank you F.


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