Raining in Lincoln and Hong Kong too!

It rained hard last night in our little corner of the world. The rain continues. It is dark and cloudy and stormy. We see Joan’s oncologist today.  He works in the same clinic as my oncologist. Old home week. Since the sigmodie-thingie-scope for Joan was good last week, we don’t anticipate problems. It was raining in Hong Kong too where Lisa’s Ob/Gyn hangs out. The family went to find out what kind of baby was coming to China. Petra knows but is not telling. Daddy doesn’t want to know what kind just yet. Quiet. It’s a secret.


Without rain, what would happen to the river of life? Well, probably, I wouldn’t think to write trash like this. Oh, well.





Some things are more important than others

While I was in Sioux City, Lisa, Petra and Milan arrived in Lincoln from China for a short visit. Dad, Karel, will meet up with them in Canada in a few days and the family will celebrate X-Mas in the north country.  Yesterday, I tagged along while the children visited Morrill Hall on the campus of the University of Nebraska.

Morrill Hall is a wonder. Among many other treasurers, the world’s largest exhibited mammoth skeleton, a 14-foot male, can be found on display in Morrill Hall. It is from the Late Pleistocene Era. The giant mammoth was found in 1922, near where I used to practice law, in Lincoln County, Nebraska, by a rancher and his wife. They turned the fossil over to the Museum for exhibit and research.

We had a great time. Photos of our adventure follow.

Out front:


Scary good (particularly when your four-year old teeth look a lot like the dinosaur’s teeth):


There are real mountain lions in Nebraska (and some times they eat children from China):



The beastie boys

Earlier this week, I wrote about Billfish and boys. I continue in that same vein in this post.

Like their punk rock forefathers, our two grandsons are shown below contemplating the fun they will have tormenting Petra, Fletcher’s cousin and Milan’s sister, when Fletcher blows into Shenzhen and joins up with Milan in the next several days. There is nothing more fun than twisting the heads off Princess dolls. If you do it just right, they seem to squeal.

Fletcher (from Australia)

Fletcher (from Australia)

Milan (from China)

Milan (from China)

Grampa warns: Hide your Princess dolls and take shelter P. The boys are back in town!

Petra seeking solace from the impending horror.

Petra contemplating the impending horror.


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