Ports and pot

RGK's new "port" (plus "turkey" neck)

RGK’s new “port” (plus “turkey” neck)

I had fun yesterday.

At the local hospital, an interventional radiologist installed my chemo port.  (See above.)  In fact, it is super-duper port–a power injectable port.  The port is placed under the skin in the chest and a delivery line (hose) is snaked under the skin to a vein in the neck.  When access to the port is needed, the medical provider simply palpates the chest, locates the port by feeling prongs just under the skin, and then sticks a small needle between the prongs and into the center of the port.

This is latest in chemo-fashion. No unsightly lines dangling from your aging body.

By the way, there is no pain during the procedure. You feel only tugging and shoving.  Excellent drugs allow you to remain awake while pain-free. If you’re lucky, like me, you have a doc who is both very skilled and very bright.

My doc was from Denver.  He flies into Lincoln every so often to relieve the staff docs. The procedure takes about 30 minutes once you are on the surgical table under a huge camera-like device. That time provides an opportunity to talk to the physician as he does his handiwork. Yesterday, we had a fascinating discussion about legalizing marijuana in Colorado and some of the unintended consequences of Colorado’s idiotic (my view) pot policy

The doc told me that in Colorado the “black” market for weed remains strong.  Pot heads go to the local “dispensary” and buy the legal pot. In turn, they get a receipt that proves the weed is legal.  After that, they buy illegal, but high-grade, dope on the streets at far cheaper prices than can be obtained from the regulated dispensaries.  The stoner carries the receipt from the previous purchase of legal pot to fake out the police regarding the illicit pot purchase.

Rhetorical question for  Doug Berman at Sentencing Law and Policy:

Could it be that the new legal regime in the Rocky Mountains is a “win-win” for both the cartels and the State of Colorado?


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