The Man Behind the Robes–A Q&A with Richard Posner

Professor K.L. Collins has, if that is possible, outdone himself with his question and answer session with Judge Posner, another in a series of pieces about that intellectual giant. This time the products of Collins’ work–Posner’s own words–are chilling. Posner comes across much like I imagine Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, that is, deadly and frighteningly cold, and, just maybe, malevolently so. By the way, Collins’ expertly draws Posner out on Nietzsche’s The Genealogy of Morals (1897). In any event, if you care about truly understanding one of the greatest legal minds in this or any other century, you must read Professor Collins’ The Man Behind the Robes–A Q&A with Richard Posner at Concurring Opinions.*


H/t How Appealing.

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