More on Federal Public Defenders and the sequester

If you care about federal criminal law, please read “Sequestration’s Biggest Victim: The Public Defender System.”  It appeared in the Huffington Post yesterday.  While the Huff Post is not my favorite, the article is a very good one, and well worth reading.


The real face of sequester


I took Tim’s photo today.  It is appended to this post.  He is the most experienced and senior investigator for the Nebraska Federal Public Defender’s office.

After 18 years of serving the impoverished clients of the FPD (and years of experience before that as a Lieutenant in a metropolitan police force), Tim’s last day is April 30, 2013. Out he goes.  Tim takes with him, and thus deprives the FPD’s clients of, the highest level of skill, wisdom, integrity and common decency that one can imagine.

This is the real face of the sequester, and it is a tragic one.


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