I am a twit ’cause I don’t know whether to twitter–help me!

I grew up with rotary dial telephones and sometimes I miss them. Now I am blogging. That is a prime example of cognitive dissonance.

Anyway, a really nice person wrote me an e-mail and said I should use Twitter with this blog. Honest to God, I have no idea what that means, or why that would help me blog better. Really, I am a twit in the old-fashioned meaning of that word.

Can anybody help me understand how Twitter would make this blog better? If you do, please explain how I should do it, and then give me a 1, 2, 3 step approach.


PS While I don’t have a Twitter account, I do have a Facebook page (with essentially no information on it). I don’t use it and don’t know how to use. I got it to help me understand how one registers for Facebook and to address a legal question related to one particular aspect of sex offender registries. So, if you think I should be using Facebook with this blog, feel free to add your thoughts to that mystery as well.

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