Ryan Junck and refreshing the soul

ryanI learned more than I can ever describe from my mentors Judge Ross and, his brother-in-law, Ed Cook, my former law partner. One of the most important things I learned from each of them was this: Help young people when you can, it costs you nothing and it refreshes your soul.

Ryan Junck began as an intern in my chambers roughly 15 years ago when he attended college at the University of Nebraska. He was a country boy, with a brilliant mind, who wanted to play Nebraska baseball. Alas, his arm failed him, but not his mind.

Ryan and I became close friends. I watched as he took his Phi Beta Kappa key to Michigan to get his law degree. I marvelled at his uncomplaining country worth ethic while he was at Cravath in New York. I hoped big things for him when he pursued his white-collar crime interests at Skadden. And, yesterday, I glowed as Ryan told me about the announcement. The skinny, tall, farm boy, with a gentle soul, and a mind and character of steel, has grown into a lawyer who will do good and important things on the world’s stage. For you see,┬áRyan D. Junck, the self-described Nebraska “hick,” will serve as a Skadden partner for Cross-Border Investigations and Litigation in London.

And, my soul was refreshed.



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