Justice Breyer is “a cold fish,” the young and the dumb said so

As a lawyer, until you have been around for a while after law school, you are young and dumb. You just are. It is a provable fact–as a lawyer without experience you are young (even if you are old) and you are dumb.

I don’t care if you went to Harvard Law School. I don’t give a shit what your IQ score was at some prep school. I don’t care if you carry around your Nobel Prize. No White House should use lawyers with no more than two years experience to help vet potential Supreme Court nominees. For a terrifying (and fun) read when the young and dumb were consulted in the Clinton administration about Judge Breyer, please read ‘Cold Fish’ Memo on Justice Breyer Surfaces in Clinton Papers, Wall Street Journal (Jun 6, 2014). Thanks to Howard Bashman, at How Appealing.

When I got done reading the article. I had two thoughts. (1) What a bunch of fucking idiots at the White House to rely upon these kids.  (2) What kind of an ego does it take to believe that two years out Harvard you are competent to undertake the task of evaluating a potential nominee to the United States Supreme Court?

God(s) please spare us the young and the dumb.




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