The best of the Baltimore criminal defense bar: Time to put up or shut up

Let me be clear, I am glad six cops in Baltimore received criminal charges in the death of Mr. Gray. You can’t convince me that a nearly severed spine is anything other than a screaming condemnation of what happened to the young man. But, and there is always a “but,” I have another concern.

The criminal defense bar constantly complains about cops and insists defense lawyers do the work of God by representing individuals against an evil system that includes cops. OK I get that, and have a lot of respect for those lawyers who provide first class representation to the presumptively innocent. That said, it is now time for the criminal defense bar in Baltimore to put up or shut up. News flash: the six cops are no longer cops, they are criminal defendants. As such, the white and black men and a woman  (over?) charged by the young and inexperienced state prosecutor deserve the best the bar has to offer particularly because a terrifically powerful mob is calling for their heads. I hope really good criminal defense lawyers get involved and if necessary volunteer to do these cases pro bono or for a very reduced fee.*

Don’t let the mob rule.


*There will be no shortage of lawyers willing to defend the cops. They don’t count. I want to see the great criminal defense lawyers step forward.

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