The death of skepticism

quote-the-fact-that-a-believer-is-happier-than-a-skeptic-is-no-more-to-the-point-than-the-fact-that-a-george-bernard-shaw-266383A lot of women claim there is a “rape culture,” particularly on college campuses. A lot of blacks claim that there is a near universal police ethos that promotes the beating, and killing, of black men. Groups on the other side of the political spectrum have their own claims. For example, a lot of whites see hordes of short, squat, brown and unspeakably cruel Mexican criminals infiltrating our country.

What do these groups have in common? None is skeptical of their views, their motivations or their knowledge. They are fat and happy being credulous.

In short, if the society we want depends upon a lack of skepticism we are nearly there.


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