30 days in jail for taking a cell phone photo of sentencing in federal court? Damn right!

Over at SL&P there is a discussion about the propriety of a federal judge sentencing a kid to 30 days in jail for using his cell phone in the courtroom.  The cell phone user took a photo of his friend during a sentencing hearing.  The cell phone photographer had a criminal record.  Some commentators wonder about the First Amendment and that sort of thing.

Why would a federal district judge throw someone in jail for using his or her cellphone to take a photo during sentencing?  Here’s a clue:  As I write this post,  there is a concerted and nationwide effort by “shot callers” in the federal prisons to identify defendants who cooperate with the government.  Being identified as a snitch in federal prison puts your life at risk.  This is a much bigger problem than those on the outside might imagine.

Welcome to the reality of federal sentencing.


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