What’s the solution to my inability to proof and edit?

Perhaps you have noticed. I can’t proof or edit very well. When I write “to” I mean “too.”  How about “navel” when I really meant “naval?” Missing articles like “the” abound. It drives me crazy. I know it drives many of you nuts as well. Indeed, a very kind reader sends me an e-mail from time to time letting me know when I have screwed up yet again. I then fix the problem by updating the post while chagrined that I made the mistake in the first place.

I really do work hard to proof and edit what I write. Here is what I do: (1) Using the WordPress “word processing editor” rather than the “HTML editor,” I write, rewrite and read each post, frequently 20 or 30 times or more; (2) I run the WordPress spelling and grammar “checker” numerous times; and (3) finally, I “preview” the final product by using a WordPress option that allows me to see exactly how the post will look when published.

I honestly don’t think I am careless. Now, I know that there will inevitably be errors particularly unless a good editor reads what I write before I publish it. While it might be nice to have an editor, I do not feel comfortable using my law clerks. So, whatever I write, no one else reads until I hit the “publish” button. As a result, I am willing to accept an error here and there. But, my editing and proofing errors happen far too often.

So, I ask for your help. I would be grateful for suggestions about how I might better proof and edit what I write.


PS And please don’t tell me to get my eyes checked. I have done that. Nor should you tell me I am old. I know that to(o).


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