Tony Mauro and transparency at the Court

One could argue that the Supreme Court is by far the most consequential organ of our federal government in 2015. After all, it will decide whether national health insurance will be national, and whether the states will be required to authorize the marriage of gays. The paralysis that we see in the relationship between Congress and the President is not a problem for the Court. It will decide, and, like it or not (please listen Mr. Huckabee), everyone else must follow.

The foregoing is why you should read Tony Mauro’s piece entitled¬†Big cases, but little room at court: Column, USA Today (January 29, 2015). ¬†How can it be that at most the Court’s functioning can be watched by no more than 200 regular citizens at a time?

Chief Justice Robert’s seeming wry embrace of the hidebound traditions of the Court aside, it is long past time that arguments be televised and shared with the world. By making transparent our own modern Oracle of Delphi, the ravings of the Pythia, and the translations of the high priests into elegant prose, might even end up being believable to we, the great unwashed. Plainly, plebeians like you and me desperately need to believe in something.



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