Picking a jury when the judge looks like the walking dead


From the TV series Walking Dead

In a day and a half (this Monday) I will pick a jury in a civil case. As you may remember, my jury orientation is close and personal.

I am absolutely committed to spending an hour with the jury in the courtroom before trial begins so they can become comfortable with me and the process. I tell them exactly what will happen from the beginning of the trial to the end of the trial and their deliberations. I tell them why things are done the way they are.

We walk together around the courtroom. We go up on the bench, sit in the jury box and the counsel tables, sit in the witness-box, tour the jury deliberation room, reveal all the electronic stuff, and so forth. All the time, I am walking with the prospective jurors.

OK, now examine how I look:

IMG_0583 (1)

I have decided to be completely frank with the jury.  I will tell them the whole story about how I got to my present unpleasant looks. I will assure them that I can’t communicate shingles to them.

The virus cannot go air bound. The only way it can be transmitted is by intimate physical contact. Even then, I will stress that those who have had chicken pox or the vaccination (virtually everyone) would be immune anyway.

I don’t embarrass easily. I have paraded around in front of a jury not knowing my fly was open and just laughed it off when I later found out. But this “walking dead” visage?


* I confess something else to you. Joan and I watch The Walking Dead. What’s worse, we like it.

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