When the money ends

I have given Vince, a really great local plaintiff’s trial lawyer and all around good guy, a bunch of grief about why civil jury trials are drying up in federal court. I lay the “blame” mostly on changes taking place in the legal economy. OK, for a moment, let me get off Vince’s back.

If civil jury trials are drying up in federal courts, what is going to happen to the high and mighty defense firms?  For a penetrating review of “big law” and the fear that the economy as it regards lawyers has fundamentally changed (and not for the better), please read the utterly absorbing cover story The Last Days of Big Law: You can’t imagine the terror when the money dries up in the New Republic issue out today on the news stands. Noam Scheiber wrote the piece. He is a wonderful writer and a brilliant fellow.

The times they are a changing. Plaintiffs’ lawyers are not the only ones that should fear the coming “dark ages.”


PS Hat tip to How Appealing (July 21, 2013).

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