Image credit: Classic FM.

Image credit: Classic FM.

Think Igor Stravinsky. Now read the following:

Reporters are agog  about a solar plant in the Mojave Desert. The plant has more than 300,000 mirrors. It seems that when birds fly through the concentrated rays of the mirrors our feathered friends ignite in midair.* Workers at the plant call them “streamers.” For more, see here and here.**


*I don’t know why, but the image of flaming birds reminds me of one of my favorite poems:

Little bird out in the snow, with busted wing, and broken toe. First I will lure thee with a piece of bread, and then I will crush your tiny head.

Anonymous student at lower middle class high school in Maumee, Ohio.

**Do you think this post requires a trigger warning for people who suffer from environmental schizophrenia?

An ode to certain “serious” law professors

I received some critical reaction from “serious” law professors regarding my use of “stfu” in my Hobby Lobby post. Here is a particularly florid one from a corporation’s guy who so far as I know has never stepped into a trial courtroom let alone any other courtroom.* Without intending to shove a stick in the eye of such types, I encourage them to read Christopher M. Fairman, FUCK, 28 Cardozo Law Review 1711 (2007). I then encourage them to grow up.

I supposed I am obligated to do one more thing. “Serious law professors” have these attributes: You have tenure, you are highly educated, you proclaim the value of intellectual honesty (but you never take risk that would test that commitment), you give high value to the power of words (as long as they accord with your world view), you never make a point without evidence to back it up and you always attend the Dean’s tea. But, because I, like you, place a premium upon not giving offense or inflicting trauma on someone who is not a member of my elevated class, I herewith provide a TRIGGER WARNING. This post might cause certain “serious” law professors emotional issues. So, don’t read this post or the cited law review article if you wish to avoid years of therapy that the resulting trauma may require. 


*Citing no evidence, the good professor (a real wordsmith) accused me of “thinly veiled anti-Catholicism.” While it is true that I am not a religious person and my first cousin, after travelling the world, converted to Reform Judaism, the following might interest the good professor: the man who most influenced me about telling the truth was a dear friend and a Catholic priest; my late wife devoted her teaching to the Catholic schools; my brother-in-law (the brother of my late wife) went to a Catholic high school as did my middle daughter, at my insistence; my oldest daughter married in a Catholic church and took instruction from a Catholic priest in order to do so; five years after the sudden death of my first wife, I married my second wife, Joan, a devote Catholic and member of a large Catholic family with seven children.

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