Tweet snark

As some of you know, I don’t know anything about Twitter. So, I asked for help on how to improve this blog using Twitter. I got a lot of good advice and I now use Twitter to send notices of my posts.

I also indicated previously that I would use Twitter in only one direction–that is, outbound. For the time being, I decided that I would not respond to tweets. To be honest, I just figured out how to find tweets sent to me on Twitter this very day.

Anyway, today, I also found something related to Twitter that I absolutely adore. It is what I will call “Tweet snark.”  Here’s an example: Adam Liptak, the New York Times reporter, tweeted on August 27, 2013 at 9:39 am: “Judge Kopf explains why he doesn’t talk to the press” and then he kindly added a link to this blog. Richard Friedman, who is a retired lawyer, responded simply, “A/k/a Dumkopf.”

Friedman’s response is wonderful–it is reasonably good “tweet snark.” What’s even better is that Richard doesn’t know how to speel. Achtung: It’s not “Dumkopf,” Mr. Friedman, it’s “Dummkopf.”

Anyway, I am absolutely delighted by my find. I may rethink my use of Twitter.


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