Update on Baby Jason


With a tip of the hat to Adam for his research (and, yes, Adam, now get back to billable hours), here is more about Baby Jason:

[I]n googling more about the murder you mentioned, I came across an article from New York Magazine about the investigator on the case and its effect on him. See  http://nymag.com/nymetro/news/people/features/11476/index2.html
Westlaw shows a total of 7 orders at various stages of the case. He was ultimately convicted and received sentence of 26 years 2 months to life. He has parole hearing in August 2016 and an earliest release date of December 2016.  See  http://nysdoccslookup.doccs.ny.gov/GCA00P00/WIQ3/WINQ130
I just can’t get enough!

Update on Sunshine fist fight

For perspective, I am told by someone with a background in such things that: “[Judge] Murphy is one of the calmest guys around. Jesus, he volunteered to handle the Veterans Court! I’m sure there is history there, and the career PD is an ankle-biter.”

Everything requires context.


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