Tooting my (tin) horn

I am going to toot my own horn. Please understand, however, that my horn is tin and I can (and, in any event, should) only produce a weak toot.*

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Tony Mauro is a Supreme Court correspondent for the The National Law Journal and the Supreme Court Brief. He is a member of the USA TODAY Board of Contributors. He is one of the most highly respected legal journalists in the nation.

Last night, Mr. Mauro posted an opinion piece in USA Today that was very supportive of my blogging efforts (“Kopf’s a voice worth listening to — hopefully for many years to come.”) In addition to being flattered, I took his support as an encouragement to continue my efforts. That support means a lot to me coming from someone with the impeccable reputation, skills and experience of Mr. Mauro.**


*My lab numbers fell very low when they sucked blood from my port on Tuesday. This is not a surprise. My breathing is labored and I walk like the old man I am becoming. That said, I can still toot a little.

**I also feel an increased obligation to do the absolute best job I can.

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