“Bill Maher says liberals are killing comedy”

The title is taken from Hunter Schwarz, Bill Maher says liberals are killing comedy, Washington Post (June 15, 2015) (be sure to watch the video).

Here is my opinion:

Bill Maher is a bad person just like most comedians are bad people except, of course, for those that attack the middle class beliefs of the great unwashed. We must learn from those who are morally superior to the rest of us.

Maher and the rest of his ilk should STFU. After all, we are in the post modern era where the likes of President Richard Pryor, the 40th president of the United States, will never again be tolerated.



Can judges be too public?

Charles Lane (an editorial writer who attended Yale Law school) has written a piece in the Washington Post that deserves reading. A reader, who is a lawyer, called my attention to the article, and I thank the reader for doing so.

The piece criticizes¬†Judge Posner for being too public. While I sure as hell don’t compare myself to Judge Posner in any form or fashion, I would appreciate it if readers would review Mr. Lane’s piece about Judge Posner’s penchant for being public and apply Lane’s critique to this blog. After that, I would welcome hearing from readers about what they think. Truly, I am not trying to gin up discussion. Since this blogging gig is new to me, I am sincerely interested in what others think about the important points made by Mr. Lane.


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