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Westminster Abbey is beyond belief. ¬†Gabi asked that I visit there and in particular see the Poets’ Corner. I did as evidenced by the attached surreptitious photos I took upon pain of being hauled off to the Tower of London had I been found out.


*Notice the partial image of my thumb which was captured as I tried to nonchalantly take the following photo without being noticed. Keller found my law breaking amusing.

Poets' Corner

About Gabi

photoGabi is our chief pro se law clerk, and a dear friend. She is also very smart and extremely funny in a wry way. Thinking  that I would not get the ironic trope since I am old and almost completely lacking in discernible pigment, she describes herself as a Spicey Latina. In a similar vein, she once told me that the best day of her life was when she hired a white cleaning lady.

Anyway, I got the following e-mail from Gabi regarding my trip to London:

I’m SO jealous. Please find time to go to Westminster Abbey, particularly Poets’ Corner. Greatest place on earth.

Jealous, jealous, jealous.

I mean I’m literally seething with envy.


Don’t drink the water!

(Emphasis in original.)

Note to Gabi: Keller promised to take me to the Poets’ Corner tomorrow. Look for a photo on this blog!


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