I’m whipped

Going home for the day. When the fatigue hits, as it has the last several days, walking a few steps is a struggle. I was warned about this by my doctor and the literature: “Many patients may experience chronic fatigue that could persist for years.” I don’t have the words to adequately describe what I mean by “fatigue.” ┬áIf you haven’t experienced chemo fatigue, you cannot know what I mean. It is not like anything you have experienced before.

I’m not complaining. My pain is gone and that is a constant reminder of how good I have it. I have not had any other side effects like chemo fog or vomiting. It will be interesting tomorrow to see what my blood counts show. Thankfully, that’s when I begin my two weeks without more infusions. If things go as they have in the past, my fatigue will lessen over the ensuing two weeks. I hope so. Two trials loom, a non-jury civil trial next week followed by a criminal jury trial the following week.


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