Westlaw: Get your act together on hyperlinks and WP X6

For those of us who strongly prefer WordPerfect (because of its superior editing tools like “reveal codes”*), Westlaw should pull its thumb out of its mouth.  Its time to make West hyperlinking tools work with WP X6, the  newest version of WordPerfect.

While WP X3 can be used with West hyperlinking tools, switching between X6 and X3 merely to hyperlink wastes time.  Yes, I know that I can manually add hyperlinks, but guess what Westlaw I don’t want to waste the time.  If you offer hyperlinking tools, don’t pull a bait and switch.

I hear that Westlaw will rewrite its code maybe in the fall.  That’s silly and way too late.

Westlaw is holding up things by not fixing its code so that WP X6 can be used with West’s hyperlinking tools.  So, please Westlaw get with the program.


*If you are serious about writing, don’t get me started on the many reasons not to use Word.  But, that’s only an old guy’s opinion.


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